NextsChain Advantage Highlights

Highlights Highlight Description
Fast & Free Shipping It takes about 5 - 8 business days to reach the US, 3-8 days to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia. And approximately 4 - 10 days to reach Canada, Australia, Mexico, or the EUR countries.
Custom Packing & Branding Customize your brand's logo on your products. NextsChain supports OEM & ODM customisation of your brand's logo on your packing boxes.
One-Stop Dropshipping We provides good-quality products for selling. After getting sales, all one has to do is pay and NextsChain will fulfil your orders. We will then ship your packages out using fast shipping means, and convey the tracking number to your orders. You don’t have to do anything. As a matter of fact, you'll save about 90% of your time. You don't have to worry about the inventory, long shipping time or your Aliexpress account being blocked.
Order Faster NextsChain lets you place 100s of orders in minutes, faster than any other tools! Save time and gain efficiency with AliExpress dropship partner!
Millions of better products Clients will have a variety of top suppliers and choose from a plethora of more than 500,000 products at wholesale price. NextsChian also provide Winning products and Trending products to help our merchants run their dropshipping business successfully.
Orders Auto-Fulfillment We are just a click away from fulfilling all your orders. We will carry out quality control, packaging and shipping for your customers directly.
Package Tracking & Manage With our Intelligent package tracking system, NextsChain let you manage your package efficiently, you can easy find out where your package and when they will delivery. To avoid a lot of customers complains and save a lot of time.
Buck Edit Support NextsChain provide better and easy use Buck edit tool to let you to manage your products Listing efficiently with less time. You can have more time to pay attention to your marketing and others sales business.
Auto Inventory & Price Manage Real-time inventory management services, and Automated Price update and notification by rule. It's a great alternative to AliExpress
Integrate Oberlo If you are doing dropshipping business with oberlo before. we can not only help you to shorten delivery time and custom packing & branding your products, but also help you to import products from oberlo to NextsChain with products link just with a few clicks instead of copy one by one.
Forever Free Plan We provide forever free plan
Responsive Design NextsChain App with good responsive design, work well with your smartphone, Table or PC compuer. you can manage your dropshipping business at anytime and anywhere.