Customer Experience

Pooch Friendly Supply First, I came across this product randomly and I couldn't be happier that I did! if I came across this sooner, it would have saved me a load of time. Their product range is great, offer customized shipping tape and boxes to help you build your brand, etc. Their free plan gives first-time drop shippers a GREAT plan where you can add 1,000 products! The shipping time to the US is about 5-9 days, which is really great compared to Aliexpress and other companies. I got the chance to use their live chat where any concern that I had got addressed and was updated on their plans for their app and how they're trying to improve, along with the time frame when their updates will be happening. When speaking with a chat agent sometimes it's just answering your questions and isn't very personable they don't seem like they care all that much but chatting with them, you could tell that they TRULY care about their customers! I left my chat more excited and motivated to keep going with my store and more eager to open it asap!! Highly recommend!
amourvere I am new to shipping orders for my store. NextsChain stepped up as a prompt shipping service. Since I was not sure what to do, I used the Chat box to chat with a friendly and knowledgeable assistant who explained the service to me. I was assured that the shipping is fast and with care. Nextschain already had my product information ready for me. I appreciate the special attention they give to detail, which saves me time. Martinez Incredibly Great Shipping Service. Far better than all the sourcing and shipping apps I have used. Thanks for the good works and making dropshipping better.
Ideal for you Well if you are looking to start dropshipping this 2020 don't look around you are in the right place, Nextchain has the support and all the tools for you to success if you have any difficulties their customer services are just a few clicks away to help you and resolve and fix your problem. Nextchain is the deal.
Wine and Coffee lover I have been using this app for months and it is now my go to app for my store. I have found products on here I couldnt find on other fulfillment apps. I dont want to use oberlo and use aliexpress because the shipping times are horrible and you have to deal with a million different sellers. Nextschain takes care of everything. You get an order and pay the wholesale and they package and ship the product and send the ship confirmation email. If you run into any problems they get back to you and fix it. In my opinion this is the best fulfillment app for droppshippers.
OM Fashion Boutique I am very happy with Nextschain.
lot of products to pick from and great costumes service.
I had a issues and they helped me right away and fix it for me.
thank you so much NextsChain.
Acoti 1 I have had this app for at least 2 months before writing this review. To many reviews given at 1st day of use. This is a great app. I have completed a sample order that was shipped exactly to timing as stated. I have imported at least 150 products with success. I have contacted support at least 5 times with a very timely response each time. I would highly recommend this app to anyone. Thanks so much NextsChain!

i am adding to this review. I want to let everyone know my real experience with Nextschain. First off I am not a big time store Yet! I have never had a problem processing my orders with Nextschain. You need to read his terms of use and realize if you use Aliexpress for your services it does take longer for shipping! So if you want fast shipping ONLY USE NextsChain for fulfillment. I have never had a problem processing my orders. And the biggest of all is!!! I had a customer place an order on December the 12th. I was so nervous about it. WOW it got to the customer in 11 Days from placing the order. It was there in time for Christmas and the customer and I was completely happy. Thanks so much NextsChain. Customer service is Super! 10 stars.

Vegan Apple Watch Bands I chose this app because I wanted to offer customers quick shipping to the UK (and potentially worldwide, eventually) as the 20-40 day shipping time from other suppliers are too much. I have quite a specific product niche, so I was a bit worried my options would be limited, but there are loads. I have over 160 products waiting to be imported, and they all look great. Product names are nice and tidy, prices are reasonable for dropshipping etc. I have yet to receive an order through them (I've only just started) so I'm not sure how it would all work for the customer yet, but the process and experience so far has been great.

Customer service is also exceptional. They are really polite and helpful, and take the time to talk to you and answer your questions. Super responsive. I'm really impressed so far!

Cartersgoods This app is a game changer great products great shipping times and great prices room to make a profit the customer service reps are the best I have ever dealt with I ran into a issue and it was fixed within a reasonable time same day. Great app. Mosts of items are free shipping